Hi there! I'm Nancy. 

I'm an artist, educator, and collector of old things based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I've worked as an illustrator and educator for various museums, galleries, and learning institutions, including the Canadian Centre for Research on Literacy, the Royal Alberta Museum, Fort Edmonton Park, and the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. I love dreaming up captivating experiences and creating illustrations and designs for educational initiatives, programs, and projects.

My experience in museums and historic places, along with my own joy for collecting has most definitely inspired my creative art practice.

I'm inspired by objects with a story to tell – especially ones with interesting images and typography. I love architecture; but more specifically how buildings create a sense of place, identity, and personal connection. I'm also a big fan of traditions. Making a beloved food, learning a skill from a grandparent, embroidering a traditional pattern, dancing, singing. These memory-making traditions are a special piece of who we are as people. 


I love to create art that celebrates these things. To find delight in the everyday.