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January 4th, 2022


2021 was an important year for me. I pushed myself to do new things. I’m proud that my creative practice is building up steam and that so many of you have been there, supporting me and cheering me on.

Now, there’s 2022. I’ve discovered already that my word this year is “humility”. I made a BIG mistake, and I hope you will forgive me for it. When I discovered what I had done, I was absolutely heartbroken, because I really really care about what I make, and I want you to be happy with the things you get from me. Long story short, my calendar of BIG things has some mistakes - incorrect dates.

After a lot of problem solving, and acknowledging that I don’t want to put more stuff in the landfill, I have created a downloadable, printable PDF file with the corrected dates.


Click HERE to download file

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. I want to make this right.

Thanks for your kindness and understanding, friends.


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